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A message from the Director of Public Safety, Chief of Policeā€¦

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, founded in 1869, is the flagship institution of the Southern Illinois University System. The University is rich in tradition and an exciting place conducive to learning and innovation. The Department of Public Safety is a full-service law enforcement agency geared to support the University. Department police officers, parking officers, telecommunicators, and administrative staff are focused on providing for the safety and security of the thousands of students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus. Department personnel are committed to developing partnerships, problem solving, and providing exemplary service to the community.

This web-site is intended as a resource for all. Please take advantage of the services that we provide. On behalf of the members of the agency, thank you for visiting. --Benjamin Newman

Latest Information

RAVE Mobile Safety Alert System
SIU Carbondale is in the process of switching to the Rave Mobile Safety alert system to send emergency text messages to your cell phone and to your campus e-mail address. As in the past, the message may alert you to an emergency situation, ask you to take action, or both. Some weather warnings, including severe thunderstorm, tornado, flash flood and winter storm, will continue to be sent with this system. Since the messages are short, you may need to go to another source of university emergency information for more details.

This service will alert you quickly to emergency situations on campus, including if the university is closed. To receive emergency text messages, you must provide a current cell phone number through the Human Resources Self-Service system (hrss.siu.edu). Once you log on, click on SIUC Employee Online Services, then click on "Personal Information" so you can enter or update your cell phone number. Your SIU e-mail address already is automatically entered into the alert system.

We are implementing this new system as part of our commitment to campus safety. Emergency notification also is required of colleges and universities under the federal Clery Act, and we will continue to use a multi-layered approach that also includes the university's home page, social media, and local media outlets.

I encourage you to provide/update your cell phone number today through the Human Resources Self-Service system. For further information, please contact SalukiTech at 453-5155 or via e-mail, salukitech@siu.edu.

--Benjamin Newman, Director, Department of Public Safety

NOTICE: The following parking lots will be used for the delivery and storage of construction supplies, and will be closed for the safety and security of students, staff, and faculty. Barricades will be placed to indicate the closed portions of the lots. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Lot 19: Partially closed until further notice.
Lot 22: Partial closure beginning Monday 19-May-2014 until further notice.
Lot 102: Partial closure beginning Monday 12-May-2014 until further notice.

The NEW All-Hazards training, A Shared Responsibility, can now be accessed at http://ahert.siu.edu/.

Department of Public Safety 2013 Annual Report (PDF)